Semmerling, from the Riding Bean OVA.


In the 1989 anime OVA Riding Bean, Semmerling, was the partner of Hick. A lesbian, Semmerling, along with Hick, was the one who set-up Bean and Rally as patsies for the kidnapping of Chelsea, and was the mastermind of the whole affair. She was also a lover of Carrie - but would often beat-up the poor girl if she made any mistakes.
A word of note... Semmering is a prototype of Goldie Musou, a manga-only character of Gunsmith Cats.

Trivia Edit

  • Semmerling uses the pistol that she is named after, the Semmerling LM4 .45 ACP handgun, which is a manually push-foward operated pistol.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • JAPANESE - Mami Koyama (小山 茉美)
  • ENGLISH - Barbara Lewis