Riff-Raff, from the Gunsmith Cats manga.


Riff-Raff is a freelance courier, much like Bean Bandit. She is also known as "Speed Angel" and "Snake Charmer", presumably due to her preference for driving AC Cobra sports cars.
Riff-Raff is about as skilled at driving as Bean, with her greatest ambition to be an even greater courier than him! In her early appearances she is keen to test her mettle by competing with both him and Rally Vincent in car chases and thus establish some street cred. In an illegal race between high-powered cars, Riff-Raff is the bookies' favorite, second only to Bean.
She takes her driving skills seriously: When they first met, she punched Bean in the jaw after he implied that "broads" could only drive AC Cobras if they had automatic transmissions!
At times working on the other side of the 'fence' in regard of often taking questionable hires, Riff-Raff also has a strong sense of honor, and would often take care not to betray anyone who has taken confidence with her.


Riff-Raff's appearance is similar to that of Luffy, a character in another of Sonoda's works from his ARTMIC days, Gall Force. Her short blonde hair with a green streak on it, as well as a tattooed star under her right eye, is the same that Luffy sports.