Riding Bean

Bean Bandit is a freelance courier running on the streets of Chicago, Illinois. A enthusiast of "muscle cars", he had picked-up the moniker "The Roads Buster" because of his hard driving actions – which often results in a lot of wrecks of Chicago's finest's patrol cars. He can be very expensive, though (his standard fee is about $45,000 up-front), often taking on commissions with 'no questions asked'.

However, his latest commission has gotten him and his sharpshooting partner (a prototype version of Rally Vincent, the heroine from Gunsmith Cats) in a lot of hot water! Seems that Bean had taken a job of escorting a girl - Chelsea Grimwood - back to her home. They find out later that the girl had actually been kidnapped – and Bean and Rally had been framed as the kidnappers by their former clients, the real ones, the couple Semmerling and Hick... and now the Chicago police is after THEM - especially the overly-obsessed Lt. Percy Bacharach, who REALLY wants to see Bean in jail!

And that's not all... Chelsea's father, George Grimwood, is also being held by the kidnappers as insurance of receiving the ransom - as well as seeing their chosen patsies get the blame. It's going to take a lot of convincing – and a lot of car chases and wrecks – before Bean and Rally can get Chelsea home, save her father, and at the same time clear their names and take care of the real kidnappers at the same time!

This OVA is created by Gunsmith Cats creator Kenichi Sonoda, which Bean Bandit also appears in the manga version of Gunsmith Cats, in 1989.