Mr. V

Mr. Vincent

Larry Vincent (ラリー・ビンセント), a.k.a Mr. V (ミスターV), is the father of Rally Vincent and is the secondary Antagonist/Protagonist of Volume 8 of the original Gunsmith Cats series. He is an expert marksmen, having been a contestant in the Olympics (year unknown). He was the original owner of Gunsmith Cat(s) before he left to find the murderer of Mrs. Vincent.

Sometime before Volume 8 and after Volume 3 "Bad Trip", Goldie manages to track down Mr. V, moments after he finished a large gunfight against an entire Mafia family to kill Mrs. Vincent's murderer. Using Kerasine, Goldie convinces Mr. V to work for her, thus beginning his time as being a body guard for Goldie. Goldie uses Mr. V to capture Rally when she tries to stop a high-valued kerasine shipment. Goldie bends Rally to her will by showing how much control she as over her father, by ordering him to lick Rally's saliva from her clothes, and even goes as far as ordering Mr. V to shoot himself with Rally's own CZ-75 if she tries to harm Goldie. Goldie then orders Mr. V to kill Rally's partners, May and Misty, Rally begs Mr. V not to, thus giving him a series of flashbacks to break the hypnotic suggestions. Mr. V.

Rally is able to snatch her pistol away from him and fire several rounds into Goldie. While they escape, Goldie's other body guard attempts to stab him, resulting in Mr. V shooting him in both ears. During the confusion, Rally is struck in the face by Goldie's blackjack. She also strikes Rally's CZ, causing it to malfunction and be useless. When Goldie monologued on why she struck her pistol, Mr. V snuck around in time to point his pistol at the back of her head. Goldie then kicked him into her other bodyguard, who comes to in time to subdue Vincent's arms from firing his CZ. Vincent tries to toss Rally his CZ, but it is caught by Goldie, and dropped. Rally tries to catch it again, and Goldie makes a powerful blow to Rally's head with her blackjack. Mr. Vincent is then able to throw Rally her Freedom Arms .22 Magnum revolver he obtained from her earlier to her in order to shoot Goldie in the face. Since Goldie is feeling the affects of Kerasine, she doesn't feel the shot to her face, and therefore doesn't die from shock. Vincent is then thrown to the ground, and Rally is taken by Goldie. Bean Bandit shows up after May called for his assistance. Vincent is put into Bean's car for free since Bean was late after donating blood. Bean is able to save Rally just before Goldie's car crashes into the bay.

Mr. V is then sent to Grandma Hao for deprogramming of the hypnotic suggestions. His fate is left unknown to the reader.