The Gunsmith Cats OVA DVD cover (ADV Films release)

Released in 1995 by Kodansha, VAP and Tokyo Broadcasting, and later licensed in North America in 1997 by ADV Films (now defunct), the Gunsmith Cats OVA differed greatly from the mangas, as several noted characters (Misty Brown, Goldie Musou, and Bean Bandit) were not included in the release. The series, which features a musical score put together by American drummer and composer Peter Erskine, (who as worked with artists like Steely Dan, Kate Bush and others) consisted of three episodes (The Neutral Zone, Swing High!, and High Speed Edge), and was the most extensively researched series to date. Several members of the production committee made numerous trips to the United States in order to scout-out location shots for the series, and included trips to the Illinois Police Academy, as well as an actual gun shop, a rare feature in gun-controlled Japan.