Goldie Muso


Goldie Musou is descended from one of the minor Mafia families from Sicily. However, through hard work, tenacity... and utter ruthlessness, she had risen to be one of the principle movers-and-shakers in the Chicago crime world. Her major skill is psychopharmacology, and her claim-to-fame is developing the designer drug Kerasine, also known as "Powerball" on the streets. Cheaply manufactured and easily distributed, Kerasine has the ability to mimic other narcotics, ranging from cocaine to LSD, depending on the amount of the dosage. However, the drug has one nasty side-effect – it renders the user susceptible to suggestion, much like hypnosis. It is because of this drug that Goldie is able to be as successful as she became.
Goldie can also be described as a 'control-freak', able to manipulate either by force or Kerasine-inducement anyone she likes. She is also a lesbian, and often surrounds herself with nubile teenaged girls, all Kerasine-induced, who often act as her assassins or sex slaves. However, she is particularly fascinated by Rally, mostly because she is the one person who has dared to confront her. Because of this, Goldie has became obsessed with breaking the bounty hunter's will, and snaring Rally as her personal slave – in servitude and sexuality. Her plans for getting Rally has seen no bounds, often using people like Misty as bait... as well as drugging Rally's own father with Kerasine and using him as her personal assassin!


  • Goldie was based upon a character from "Riding Bean", Semmerling, who was also a lesbian, but was a kidnapper.
  • Another difference is that Goldie seems to be an Ephebophile while Semmerling is a pedophile.