Bill Collins, from the Gunsmith Cats OVA.


An agent in the Chicago office of the A.T.F., Bill Collins comes across as a sleazy, nosy government agent who fancies himself as Eliot Ness. He is investigating a gun-running operation, but has run into a lot of dead leads, as well as a few dead agents. Desperate for help, he 'enlists' Rally and May's help by holding up the gun shop's license as insurance.
Although they had success at first by shutting down a distribution point in Chicago, Jonathan Washington, the lone witness, along with five A.T.F. agents, are murdered in a safehouse by the assassin Radinov, using Collins' cardkey and access code to gain entry. Now the investigation is due to be closed and Collins soon discovers a conspiracy within the A.T.F., which involves his superior Black and mayoral candidate Haints who has Rally as a target.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • JAPANESE - Houchu Ohtsuka (大塚 芳忠)
  • ENGLISH - Rob Mungle